Internship Applicant

Are you looking to be an intern for the President of TPU? We are looking for someone that is 18 years of age or older that does not have a job that stops them from performing tasks that require; Computer, Social & Management skills. You must have your own transportation and be able to drive 1 or 2 hours out for tasks. We are looking for someone to enter information into our systems, set up meetings & more.



The position will require you to enter 3 to 400 clients a day while answering phones, checking emails, signing drivers up, managing Driver & Passenger accounts, going to different work events etc.



We need a bright minded individual that is not afraid to speak their mind but knows when to listen and take directions. There will be times when you will be needed at events that happen either mornings, afternoons, evenings or all day. In some cases you will be required to travel either for a day or few months at a time and be ready to handle business wherever you go.



If you know other languages besides English, it will help us make our decision for hiring you. It will also help to have the knowledge for design and production.



Company: TPU Technologies, Inc.

Position: Internship

Evaluation Period: 60 Days

Prospect: TPU President






As an Intern you will get paid the next month of the day you started.

Intern Salary: $400 (for example if you start on the 19th of the month you will get paid on the 19th of the next month.) This is if you have shown that you have what it takes. It is not an easy task and will have to work for 2 months before we think about reviewing you for hire as an intern.



Monthly Salary: $3,600 ($900 a week / $43,200 a year)

Yearly Salary Increase: $25 each year / $800 - cap

5th Year Bonus: $8,000 (On day started)



You will be given access to a Computer, Cell Phone and an iPad so you can do your work and research. You must make sure that nothing happens to any of these items or you will be held liable and will pay the full prices of the items if lost or damaged.



When you are not in the office or with the President of TPU, it does not mean stop working. You will have a lot of freedom but use that to gain bonuses by doing things that will get you those bonuses. For Example:



1. Letting people know about TPU and getting them to sign up to Ride or Drive.

2. Setting up meetings and going to corporate facilities to tell them about TPU.

3. Calling Drivers & Passengers to make sure each information is up to date.

4. Make sure that emails are sent out about Promotions, Birthdays etc.

5. Make sure that all the Presidents bills & Corporate fillings are paid.

6. Take owners vehicles to get them washed and maintained.

7. Make flight plans either Private or Commercial & Book Rooms.

8. Plan events according to what is needed and hire or reserve vending booths.

9. Make reservations for rentals like vehicles, meeting rooms, event halls etc.

* Required