You will be added to the scheduler on the TPU Passengers app. All the Passengers have to do is select your DIN from the list. When they do that, you will be sent a direct email about the Scheduled TPU.


You will get a few hits on the app but to get more you will need to let people know that you are on the app as well. You can leave cards at different establishments around your area.


There are pre-made templates where you can print cards to put your DIN on. It's best to find people that print around your area. You can get the card templates from


If someone wants to schedule you, all they have to do is download the TPU app.. make sure it is not the one that says TPU Driver. Tell them it will be the first one that pops up with the Black & White logo that only has the words TPU. After they schedule you, they will need to click on where it says Request on the app. They will be able to use the cash app so make sure you both have that downloaded.


You are responsible for getting in touch with the rider with the information that was submitted so you can let them know if you are available or not. TPU does not have anything to do with you and your Passenger(s) so make sure you check your email or have the notification on to ping you when you receive the email.


We need to get more Drivers on the app so that when a Passenger is looking to request a ride instantly they do not loose interest because there are not a lot of Drivers online. We suggest you stay online as long as you can to receive most of the requests. You will get some random requests from the TPU team to see if you are accepting rides. You will automatically get $3 if you accept their pings.


If you know any Drivers that will like to sign up, it will help with keeping customers interested in your area for the TPU app. We pay $5 per Driver that you get to sign up on our platform or $50 for 5 Drivers. Make sure they put your DIN on the application form so you get compensated for them signing up and becoming an active user.


We pay you through the Cash App at the moment on a daily basis. If it gets too busy we will pay you on the fourth day when all the funds clear. We will allow you to cash out on your own when the time comes.


We recommend that you also download the TPU Passengers app so you can see the Drivers that are online in your area.

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If you do not see yourself online on the TPU Drivers platform, log out completely then log back in. If you have questions, they might have already been answered. Refer to our F.A.Q. Driver's page. If the questions that you are looking for aren't there with the answers, visit our Contact Page to leave a message.


Here are some videos on YouTube