1. What does TPU stand for?



TPU stands for TIMEDPICKUPS (Pu).



2. Do I work for TPU or am I an Independent Contractor?



No, you do not work for TPU unless you are on the clock and receiving a paycheck. You are a true Independent Contractor.



3. How do I get requests with the TPU APP?



There are two ways to receive trip requests such as:


1. We setup your DIN when you apply to Drive which is what you give to your Passengers to re-schedule you through the app. They can select your DIN from the drop down menu.


2. Passengers can also instantly request you through the on demand side of the app when they click on Ride if you are the Driver closest. As an Independent Contractor you can connect with Passengers though Technology to arrange for pickup where needed.



4. Does TPU make any profit off the Driver?



Yes, as a token of appreciation Drivers allow TPU to take 10% out of every random trip they get using the TPU app.


Drivers pay a monthly fee to use the TPU Drivers platform. The fee's depend on the profile selected.



5. How much can I make driving for TPU?



It depends on how far you take your Passenger. Drivers are making more by getting Passengers to reschedule them using their DIN's.



6. Will the Driver Signup Subscription fee increase 



Yes, the Driver Signup Subscription fee will eventually increase for new Drivers, not for the ones that have already signed up though. If you signup and you are already paying what you signed up with, it will not increase.


The reason for increase will be because of the amount of Drivers that we will have driving on the TPU platform.


For Example: If you started with TPU and you are paying 12.00, it will stay that way. If we reach a goal of Driver signups, the amount will go up for new Drivers up to 27.00. If we reach another goal of how many Drivers we get that signup, it will go up to 53.00 which is the final increase.



7. Is there a fee to use the APP? 



There is a fee of 12.00's a month that the Driver pays to use the TPU app. We charge a monthly fee to Drivers to cover our expenses and upkeep of TimedPickups.


Depending on your vehicles profile, the fee that you pay may vary to use the TPU Drivers platform. Make sure you select the right profile for your vehicle by reading the description of each on the applications page.


If you do not select the right one, we will automatically select it for you.



8. What is a DIN?



We have created a new system called the Drivers Identification Number (DIN). We use that number to identify you when a Passenger wants to request you personally for a re-scheduled TPU. It is also used to identify the Drivers when they call in to speak with our support staff.



9. Do I have to drive a certain minimum a week?



No, you drive whenever you want; morning, afternoon, night or midnight.



10. How do I get paid?



At first you get paid through the Cash App. If you make over 100 in a day, TPU will wait 4 days for the funds to clear before it is paid out.  If it gets busier and you are making about 800 a week TPU will pay you every Thursday. If it gets to the point where we can no longer keep up with your payments, we will allow you to cash out instantly on your own.



11. What are the Fare Prices?



You can find the fare amounts on the Driver Fare Book Page



12. Does TPU lease cars out?



No, we do not lease cars.



13. Can I cancel anytime if I don't want to use this service?



Yes, you can cancel at anytime. You are not bound by any contract. Keep in mind that If you do not cancel within 5 hours of when you sign up, we will not issue you a refund.


We take you out of our system immediately even if you have fully paid for the month you are canceling in. You must let us know 5 days before we pull the money out of your account so that we do not charge your card.



14. I live in a town where there is a shortage of Rideshare Drivers, how will I get requests?



We recommend that you have business cards made with your DIN on them so that people will be able to schedule or re-shcedule you for rides. We will give you a template or you can create your own. Visit out Print page to download our pre-made template.


Word of mouth is a good way to get the word around about TPU to both Drivers & Passengers. The more people that know about it the more business it will bring for you in the area you drive in.



15. Does TPU find Passengers for Drivers?



No, we do not find Passengers for Drivers. When you login to the app it allows Passengers to find you. For Passengers to have interest in finding Drivers on our platform, we need Drivers to stay online as long as they can.



16. Is there a referral fee for Drivers?



Yes, you get 5.00 for every new Driver that gets approved. Make sure when they fill out the application they put your DIN.


We are also giving Drivers with DIN's 50.00 if they bring 5 Drivers to sign up that get approved to use our platform.



17. What are the steps to being able to use the TPU platform?



First thing you want to do is Apply to Drive so we can get information about you and your vehicle.


We do a background check to make sure that you have no major past criminal records. It might take up to 2 or 3 business days for your application to process.


Your car has to be in an acceptable state; interior and exterior with no major damages.



18. Are we allowed to collect tips from Passengers?



Yes, it is okay to collect tips from your Passengers if you want to.



19. Is TPU available World Wide?



Yes, we are available wherever devices are able to connect through online networking.



20. Am I allowed to use a Rental vehicle to drive with the TPU platform?



Yes, you can use a rental as long as the full coverage Insurance is in your name.


TPU is not liable for any damages, lost or stolen items from the vehicle.



21. If I have any other questions who will I be able to get in contact with?



You can send an email to the support team at


We aim to reply to all questions or concerns as soon as possible.


You may also call us directly at 4048551008



22. Does TPU transport the elderly, disabled & pets?



TPU has many safe options to transport the elderly and people with disabilities.


We also require Drivers to have blankets in their trunk for people with pets.



23. Can I use the TPU platform in other states?



Yes, you can use the TPU app in other states.



24. Are there any Benefits for the TPU Drivers?



We are working with different companies that offer benefits that will include Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance. Our Drivers will also benefit with our Day Care & Night Care plans.


We are working with different companies that will allow you to save on things like and are not limited to: Phone Services, Sports Events, Concerts, Movies, Airlines Tickets, Buss Trips, Cruise vouchers & more.



25. Do you send out Event Notifications?



a. Yes, we send out notifications to Drivers & Passengers through the TPU app.



26. What do I do after I fill out the Drivers Application?



Download the TPU Drivers app for your phone. You will find it on our homepage.



Register on the app so that we can find and finish setting up your profile.



27. How long does it take for me to be approved to drive?



It may take up to 72 hours to be approved. We ask that you be patient so that we can process all the information that was sent to us.



28. Can I pick up at the airport?



a. Yes, you can pick up at the airport if your car meets the requirements and you have the TPU sticker for your windshield.



b. Your car has to be 2011 and above for airport pickups



c. You must have the TPU hang tag which we will mail out to you or we will let you know where you can pick one up when available. If you do not have the hang tag you can not pick up at the airport. Any tickets you get will be your own responsibility.



d. You cannot hang around the Terminal doors; you must wait at the designated areas set for Rideshare Drivers.



e. We are not responsible if your car gets towed because you do not have the proper hang tags and permits to pick up at the airport.



29. Does TPU pay for any tickets?



No, we do not pay for any tickets received when driving on the TPU platform. We strongly suggest you obey all traffic laws to avoid getting any citations.



30. Are there any cleaning or damage fees?



Yes, we send you a cleaning or damage fee If a Passenger leaves a mess that requires major detailing or repairing.


There will be a $200 fee added to the Passengers bill If the mess can't easily be cleaned. You will need to send in photos of the area(s) affected and the Passengers P.I.N.



31. Do I as a Driver need to have my own Insurance?



Yes, as a Driver on the TPU platform you must have your own full coverage insurance that covers you, your passenger and your vehicle.



32. Does TPU file taxes for Drivers that use their app?



No, We do not file taxes for Drivers that use the TPU platform.



33. What should we do if someone schedules a ride?



If someone schedules a ride with your DIN, make sure you give the person a call to confirm the TPU before you go and pick up the Passenger.



34. Does TPU require a permit or license to run in my state?



No, TPU is not required to have a permit or license to be active in the United States. We allow Driver's to use our platform because it is an essential to them. The Driver's make the choice of which apps they us to give their Passenger's rides. We advertise the use of our scheduling area.



35. Where should the TPU decal be placed on our vehicles?



The TPU decals should be placed on the bottom right corner of your windsheild.



36. When do I get paid for Driver Referrals?



You get paid for the referrals when the Driver has successfully signed up to drive on the TPU platform and the funds clear in the tpu account.



37. What do I need to be a TPU Elite Driver?



You must have Commercial Insurance and have at least 2 years of driving experience. Your car does not have to be Black. Your car needs to also be 2011 and above.



38. What is a TPU Premium?



If your car is a 2005 through 2007 vehicle, your car will be considered a Premium vehicle. Vehicles subject to inspection.



39. How old do you have to be to use the TPU app as a Driver?



You have to be 21 years of age or older to use the TPU platform as a Driver.



40. Do I need a video camera for my car?



We recommend that you get a camera for safety and or accident purposes.



41. Do cancellations hurt my chances of getting rides?



No, but it hurts the chances of Passengers staying with TPU. If you are looking for long trips or are not ready to go and pick someone up 30 minutes or under away, you should not login to the Drivers platform.


Our goal is to keep customers because of our acceptance rate. Once you accept then you should go and pick up the client.



42. Can I drive my car that is registered in another state nationally?



Yes, you can use a car that is registered in another state, just as long as your name is on the insurance of the vehicle and meets the requirements of the state that you want to drive in.



43. Are you a Rideshare Company?



No, we are a Transportation Network Company. The Drivers that use our platform transport people by getting them where they need to go in a timely manner.



44. What is a Car ID?



A Car ID is given to you when your profile completely gets setup by one of our team members. It is your Cars Identification number. Be patient so that we may add in the right information so you can login. If your application went through that means you were approved, now we need to make sure your Insurance and Registration also get approved.



45. What is your geo?



When you are asked this by a dispatcher it means what is your location. If you are nearby a Passenger that schedules a random Driver, we might need you to pick it up if you are not already busy with a Passenger or on your way.



46. How do things work out if I am late paying my subscription?



If your subscription is 3 or more days late your account will be deleted. You will then have to put in a new application with a higher price than what you paid when you first started.



47. How are the trips calculated?



We have a built in trip calculator in the TPU Passengers app.